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Recall 29% More Of The Prophet’s Words By Keeping Your Hands Busy

By Keeping Your Hands Busy...

In a study by Jackie Andrade, she investigated the effects of drawing on cognitive tasks, such as listening to a lecture. Participants listened to a 2.5-minute-long speech while either drawing or not. The results showed that participants who were drawing during the message had 29% better recall of the information than those who did not do anything. This suggests that drawing and painting may have benefits beyond simply being a form of creative expression.

Choose Your Painting Kit Now

"It was so relaxing and enjoyable to paint the places we want to go (temples), it was EASY!"

- Karl K.

"Ingredients for creative afternoons: an audiobook, a cup of hot chocolate, and a number painting canvas from LDS Paint by Numbers!"

- Kathryn W.

"Painting like this is so RELAXING. Especially after a long day of work!"

- Monica W.

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Our Customers Love Us

Luci P.


"It was so relaxing and enjoyable to paint the Salt Lake, it was EASY and I am not an artist!"

Elise A.


"This is so much fun and relaxing! Heaven knows I need some down time. Can't wait to try the others!"

Stephanie K.


"Loved painting this during conference. It helped me focus and get even more out of it. Plus it was very satisfying!"

Monica W.


"Painting like this is soo relaxing. Especially after a long day of work!"

Step 1:

Lay out your canvas and
organize the provided acrylic
paint and brushes.

Each kit includes: the rolled canvas,
a full set of paints, and 3 fine paint brushes.

Step 2:

Match the numbers on the
paint to the canvas and then PAINT.
(Tip: Listen to a book or General
Conference, watch a favorite tv show,
or just take time to relax.)

Step 3:

Stand back and admire your masterpiece. Frame it, hang it, or gift it - whatever you want! 

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